Katey Gatta

Katey Gatta

3:00 - 3:30pm on the Side Stage

Check out Katey Gatta in St Catharines at Cicada Music Festival along with other amazing artists, food and drink.

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  • "Katey Gatta has one of the more unique stories of the artists performing at Cicada this year. Her most recent release, 'Oddfellows', was recorded, then lost, then recovered and reworked. It's a beautiful collection of songs, and it's also a story of it's own. Katey is a meaningful, honest songwriter who works hard at the craft and commands your attention."
    Erik Dickson | Cicada

Katey Gatta's Bio

Katey Gatta writes songs and sings them. You might think she sounds a little like Norah, or Joni or Janis - but the truth is, she sounds like a little of all of them. Sometimes people describe her voice as mesmerizing, and well, sometimes it is.

She writes about all of the things she doesn't understand, and sets her curiosity to the melodies floating in her head. Her second EP Oddfellows is set to be released in the coming months, and you'll struggle to forget her quirky, captivating performances.

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