Cicada FAQs

For answers to the most common questions about Cicada, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Where are my tickets?

    Can’t find your tickets? You can check on your ticket delivery method via your Showclix account. There is a My Tickets tab that will have all your information.

  • General
  • Where & When Does Cicada Take Place?

    Cicada 2019 takes place Saturday October 5 at Henley Island, St. Catharines, ON.

    Cicada 2018 happened October 13 at the same location.

  • What time do gates open?

    Gates will open at 11:30AM.

  • How do I get there?

    Enter this address into your GPS: Henley Island, St Catharines ON Canada

  • Is smoking allowed at Cicada?

    Smoking (including e-cigarettes) on festival grounds will only be permitted at the designated smoking area. There will be signage and it will be sectioned off. Please respect others.

  • Do you allow re-entry?

    Yes, we allow re-entry.

  • How does parking work for Cicada 2019?

    Upon arrival after crossing the bridge, there will be a car entrance station. Festival parking is a $10 cash fee. If you require accessible parking, parking attendants will be able to direct you to your reserved areas.

  • Will there be food and drink for sale and can I bring my own?

    Delectable foods inspired by local ingredients will be available from local businesses. We will post a list of food vendors before the festival. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be for sale from local vendors. A water filling station will be provided by the Niagara Region. You may not bring in outside food or drink.

  • Where are bathrooms located and are there accessible bathrooms

    All bathrooms are located to the far left of the Main Stage. There are accessible bathrooms.

  • What am I allowed to bring to the festival?

    To make sure you have everything you’ll need while attending the festival, please feel free to bring the following items with you: sunblock, umbrellas, blankets, sheets and towels, cameras, small backpacks, purses, and empty hydration bladder packs. All must be under 12”x6”x12”. Empty water bottle (free, filtered water will be provided via Hydration Stations) selfie sticks are allowed, but must expand to no longer than 40” in length and must be made of light material (light metal, rubber plastic). All selfie sticks are subject to Cicada staff discretion and may or may not be allowed.

    REMEMBER: All patrons and belongings are subject to search and prohibited items will be removed at the discretion of the front gate and security staff.

  • What should I leave at home?

    We make every effort to provide an environment where all attendees can fully enjoy their time at Cicada.

    With that in mind, kindly leave these items at home: weapons, large backpacks, book bags, or any bag over 12”x6”x12” in size will not be allowed. Food and drink , alcohol, illegal substances of any kind, coolers, lasers, glow sticks, stickers, inappropriate headdresses, silly string, confetti, glitter, spray paint, glass containers and metal aerosol cans, including sunscreen in aerosol cans. No unauthorized vendors will be permitted.  No solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc. Remote-controlled vehicles or aircraft, including drones.

    REMEMBER: All travellers and their belongings are subject to search and prohibited items will be removed at the discretion of the front gate staff. These items are subject to change at anytime and at the discretion of the front gate and security staff.

  • Where is the Lost and Found located at the festival?

    Lost and Found is located at the Box Office.

  • FAQs for Parents
  • Is this event family and pet friendly?

    We are certainly a family friendly event and welcome guests of all ages. Children under 12 will be admitted for free with an adult admission (a max of two free entries per adult). Only service animals will be permitted, please avoid the front of the main stage as it is a stressful place for dogs.

  • Will First Aid be on site?

    St John’s Ambulance will be on site with a dedicated first aid tent stocked with supplies and we have Cicada staff and volunteers with first aid training.

  • Where can I find the official Cicada On-site Safety Policy?

    This will be provided soon. Stay tuned.

Cicada 2022 Festival Details

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for the schedule and announcements.