Be a Music Loving Food Vendor

Thanks for your interest in Cicada. Please review our guidelines, and complete the Food Vendor request form.

Become a Cicada Food Vendor

Menu Items

Please Include Menu Item Name, Description and Price

Submission Guideline

We want Cicada food/drink vending to have a focus on using locally sourced ingredients. One of your menu items has to be 100% local/regional.

We will charge $350 plus HST as a flat rate food vendor fee.  We appreciate you bringing your best stuff to Cicada. You will only be permitted to sell menu items that you have submitted to us ahead of time.

At Cicada, we are trying to eliminate waste. We request that you use only compostable and washable wares.

You must be inspected by Niagara Health comply with all health code, and be ready for any random inspection.

Have a good festival and thank you for adding to the vibe.

Cicada 2022 Festival Details

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for the schedule and announcements.